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Starting as an exporter, Nhi Nguyen, the Founder of Vietnamtradegate, has collaborated extensively with local Vietnamese factories. It became evident that these factories demonstrated a level of professionalism equal to that of international counterparts. However, their challenges predominantly revolved around English communication barriers and limited knowledge concerning market positioning.

Vietnamtradegate emerged as a solution to empower local Vietnamese factories to engage with global clients by eliminating language barriers and modernizing their traditional work methods. By encouraging Vietnamese factories to join our network, we endeavor to bridge the gap in international trade and dismantle language barriers.

At this juncture, start-ups are burgeoning both in Vietnam and across the globe. Entrepreneurs constantly seek distinctive ideas from diverse sources to establish a unique presence in the market. Nonetheless, they often face the hurdle of investing money upfront to understand the intricacies of the Vietnamese market. With Vietnamtradegate, this process becomes more straightforward. The industry market report on our website can instantly inform them whether manufacturing in Vietnam is a viable option. Our dedicated support agents facilitate seamless communication between entrepreneurs and factories, ensuring a clear understanding of the requirements for a mutually prosperous partnership.

Furthermore, Vietnam maintains a neutral stance in global politics, rendering trade in the country a sustainable endeavor. This is underscored by Vietnam's strategic partnerships with five countries: China, Russia, India, the Republic of Korea, and the United States. Buyers can rest assured, as they need not worry about abrupt tax hikes that may prompt them to shift production to another country, disrupting their business relationships and procurement.


Vietnamtradegate is committed to achieving several critical objectives:

  1. Overcoming Barriers: We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers of language, distance, and cultural differences, ensuring seamless global trade connections.

  2. Comprehensive Solutions: We bring together crucial support businesses in Vietnam, including material supply, logistics, and packaging, to offer clients optimal solutions at competitive prices.

  3. Elevating 'Made in Vietnam': We work tirelessly to enhance the reputation and recognition of 'Made in Vietnam' products on the international stage.

  4. Empowering Start-ups: Our platform is a valuable resource for start-ups and manufacturing businesses in Vietnam and worldwide, offering invaluable support and facilitating business growth.

  5. Streamlining Procurement: We simplify and streamline the procurement process, making it more convenient for all stakeholders in the global trade network.

Vietnamtradegate is your partner in building bridges, fostering partnerships, and making global trade more accessible and efficient for everyone involved.


In the next five years, Vietnamtradegate envisions itself as the premier destination for sourcing Vietnam products. We are committed to fostering a robust manufacturing landscape in Vietnam, bolstered by a cohesive and mutually supportive trading ecosystem. Our platform ensures buyers can approach dealings with Vietnam factories with unwavering confidence in terms of effective communication, top-notch quality, and secure payment processes.

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assorted-color lighted filament bulb lot

Great products, excellent service! Highly recommend Vietnam Trade Gate.

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Vietnam Trade Gate has made sourcing from Vietnam so easy. Love their platform!

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